The EuroEyes CYCLASSICS Hamburg are a modern cycling classic for everyone and professionals. The Hamburg race is part of the UCI VELOTHON Series and serves as a role model for all-around races all over the globe. The key dates of the event were already impressive at the first issue of 1996: Launched are 150 professionals, 850 amateurs and 4.000 recreational athletes. The numbers have multiplied to this day thanks to the enthusiasm for the sport and made the CYCLASSICS an integral part of the worldwide cycling scene. The integration of the CYCLASSICS into the global VELOTHON series brings many benefits that enhance the experience on the track with each new edition of EuroEyes CYCLASSICS Hamburg. With the three distances, the event offers every cyclist the perfect format. As a true classic of the everyman race, the CYCLASSICS remain an original Hamburg, on which the experienced Hamburg team works continuously to present a unique cycling classic in the future as well. The CYCLASSICS will also feature a UCI World Tour race with the best teams in the world. You can find more information about the UCI World Tour race in Hamburghere.
A EuroEyes CYCLASSICS is part of the VELOTHON Series. VELOTHONs are athletic cycling events that give you the opportunity to reward yourself for the blood, sweat and tears of your workout. Choose your challenge from a variety of routes. Ride on the most beautiful stages of the world and expect a professional environment in all areas: completely closed roads, highest standards, professional timing and thousands of spectators.
VELOTHON is a series of unique and breathtaking cycling events in major cities around the world. The races show the unique enthusiasm for cycling and promote a healthy and sporty lifestyle. Each VELOTHON event offers amateur and hobby cyclists the rare opportunity to compete in a professionally organized cycling race. The athletes have a variety of different distances and race formats available, which take place on closed and secured roads. All VELOTHON events enable sporty cycling in the centers of vibrant metropolises along sights and attractions. Each VELOTHON is professionally organized and inspires tens of thousands of spectators along the way. In the context of individual VELOTHON events high-caliber elite races of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) will be held. More information
In the year 2017 the series was held in Berlin (Germany), Wales (UK), Sunshine Coast (Australia), Hamburg (Germany), Edmonton (Canada), Stockholm (Sweden) and was able to excite more than 50.000 participants.
The EuroEyes CYCLASSICS are organized as part of the UCI VELOTHON series by the company IRONMAN. The EuroEyes CYCLASSICS team consists of local event specialists who have been organizing and realizing the event for years. IRONMAN is a company of Wanda Sports Holding and operates a global portfolio of events including the IRONMAN® Triathlon Series, IRONMAN® 70.3® Triathlon Series, 5150 ™ Triathlon Series, Iron Girl®, IRONKIDS®, six out of nine World Triathlon Race of the International Triathlon Union, includes road cycling events of the UCI VELOTHON series, mountain bike races, marathons and other multisport races.
The EuroEyes CYCLASSICS will be on 19. August 2018 held. The supporting program with attractive offers, such as a fair about cycling and cycling, will be on 17. and 19. August. The accreditation as participant and collection of the starting documents is already on 16. to 18. August possible.
Start, finish and fair are located right in the heart of Hamburg. The bike routes show you Hamburg's most beautiful sides and lead through the surrounding areas. Details about the individual routes canherebe considered.
Almost 30.000 cyclists are counted year by year at the largest cycling event in Germany for everyone on the road: the VELOTHON Berlin and the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS. You want to VELOTHON Berlin and start at EuroEyes CYCLASSICS? Then we have something for you. With CyclingDuo, our new bundle offer you save whole 15% on the entire entry fee.
The cycling events of the VELOTHON Series, and thus also the CYCLASSICS, inspire above all by perfect organization and a maximum of professionalism. All events are licensed by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and are carried out according to the standards for professional cycling races. In particular, the roads, which are completely closed to public traffic, as well as impressive finish lines with a professional finish are specifications that we fulfill at every event. As part of a global series, participants will benefit from the 20 experience of our cycling specialists, as well as the assurance that the same standards will be found at every event in the VELOTHON series. The professional realization of the events of the VELOTHON series guarantees the participants a unique experience.
The EuroEyes CYCLASSICS offer a cycling experience for everyone with three distances. On the 60km, 100km and 160km distance participants are allowed to participate with almost every kind of bike. Security relevant details canherebe read.
Every participant expects the highest organizational standards. For the starting fee you get, for example, a completely locked and secured race track through the largest city in Germany. Also included:
    • Start number and safety pins
    • Time measurement with transponder system
    • Clothes bag with products of our sponsors
    • Bottle
    • Brochure with start information
    • Participant support and accreditation
    • Clothes bag dispensing and storage
    • Meals before, during and after the race
    • Medical emergency care
    • Technical emergency service before and during the race
    • Athlete area with showers and changing facilities
    • Online result service and document download
    • Erdinger Alcohol-free finish
    • Finisher's Medal
    • Lost property office
    • Social program and bicycle fair
    • CycleSmart guides
    • Motorcycle escort Season
The registration for the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS can exclusivelyONLINE under the homepage section "REGISTRATION"be made. Login partner is ACTIVE Network. Registrations by post, fax or e-mail will not be accepted! The registration phase 1 runs on15. July 2018out. A later online registration is during the registration phase 2 (from 16 July to 12, August 2018) as well as off 16. August 2018 possible at the accreditation on-site, if still starting places are available. (As of the registration phase 2, a commensurate starting block classification is no longer guaranteed). By registering, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the Tender, the Terms and Conditions and the Rules. The entry fee and the ACTIVE service fee will be deducted from your account or credit card in SEPA Direct Debit. If the direct debit is not redeemed due to lack of cover of the account or cancellation of the participant, the participant bears the costs of the withdrawal. Each participant can only register with their own e-mail address and each participant can only register once! Double applications are accepted only once, ie a double registration by one and the same person does not entitle to a second starting place or a refund.
ACTIVE Network is a subscriber registration company with offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Since its founding in 1999, the ACTIVE Network has established itself as the leading online community for people who want to participate in a variety of activities. The single sign-on to the ACTIVE Network allows participants to manage their personal data individually and to use it for signing up for various events. The personal user account offers many advantages and facilitates the registration process enormously. In particular, the issue of data protection enjoys the highest priority. ACTIVE or its affiliates will not deliver any commercial messages without the express consent of the subscriber / user account holder. The ACTIVE Network has been a partner of IRONMAN for several years. Registration for VELOTHON Berlin is also via the ACTIVE Network Portal. If no user account has been deposited with ACTIVE, a free account will be created as part of the registration process. The e-mail address and the password can be freely selected. Payment of the registration fee will be made to IRONMAN Germany GmbH based in Germany.
The UCI World Tour 2018 includes 37 cycling races on four continents, including the well-known three-week tours such as the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España (Grand Tours). Furthermore, the well-known classics like and Liège-Bastogne-Liège belong to the UCI World Tour. Another highlight of the World Tour calendar is the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS Hamburg race in the highest cycling category. The profile of the CYCLASSICS is ideal for sprinters and always guarantees spectacular cycling races.
EuroEyes CYCLASSICS will release a highlight video after the event. Further details will be published on our Facebook page, via newsletter and on the homepage.
If you have any questions in addition to the FAQ, please write us an, Also by phone, we are happy for you from Monday to Thursday from 9: 00 clock to 14 clock reachable: 01805 - 77 17 40. (14 ct / min from the German fixed network, maximum 42 ct / min from mobile networks) Detailed event information will also be published in the Athlete Guide, which appears a few weeks before the event.
In principle, every technically perfectly intact, two-wheeled bicycle is allowed. However, the following wheels or accessories are not approved for safety reasons:
    • Disc wheels front and / or rear. Disc brakes are allowed!
    • Triathlon, horn or Deltalenker
    • Handlebar attachments of all kinds (Note: croissants on handlebar ends in MTB are allowed, as they do not count as handlebar attachments and do not diminish the steering lever!)
    • Recumbents, unicycles, handbikes, electric bikes of all kinds, tricycles
    • Track Wheels / Single Speeds / Fixies of all types (Exception: these wheels are approved if they have two independent brakes and freewheel hub)
    • Bicycle trailer of all kinds
    • Panniers and other payloads
    • Attachments that pose a security risk (outstanding bike racks, pegs etc.)
    • Backpacks (exception: Camelbaks for exclusive drinks transport are allowed!)
    • Bottle holder behind or under the saddle
    • Bottles made of aluminum, glass or hard plastic and other materials that are fragile or not easily deformed
    • Sound carriers of any kind or ear coverings which can adversely affect the acoustic perception and thus the responsiveness in traffic or competition (eg MP-3 player, headphones, earplugs, ear plugs)
If you would like to start as a tandem, you have to register yourself personally in the designated field within the online registration and indicate the name of the tandem partner when registering.
The clothes you wear must not interfere with the unobstructed view and hearing. Risks for you and other participants must be excluded. Also, the clothing or any accessories on the bike must not adversely affect your normal speed.


Are you a hobby driver or are you facing the challenge of the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS for the first time? Then the CYCLASSICS 60 is the ideal track for you. The western loop of the CYCLASSICS is largely flat - but also includes the iconic climb to the Kösterberg in Blankenese. Almost 2 km increase and a maximum slope of 7% are waiting for you here. Once at the top, it goes over the Elbchaussee past Teufelsbrück in the direction of the city center. From the "sinful mile", the Reeperbahn, it is then only a few kilometers to the famous home straight with thousands of spectators - the Mönckebergstraße.


You are ambitious cyclist, want to show what you can do and compete with your colleagues and training colleagues? Then the brand new CYCLASSICS 100 is for you. Our newest route shows you that Gate to the World from one completely new perspective and leads you over streets in Hamburg, which are reserved for our participants on this day only. Rounding out our new "Hundreds" with the passage of the most beautiful cities in the Hamburg countryside, before it goes on a newly-designed, spectacular section back towards the city center. Never change a winning team: In addition to new charm, the CYCLASSICS 100 is waiting the mother of all finishings on you - the Mönckebergstraße. Please understandthat we currently can not give any more exact information about the routing. One thing is for sure: with the new "Hundreds" we are leading you in a new direction that you have not yet been able to experience in the context of EuroEyes CYCLASSICS. A new route requires numerous votes with the participating institutions and authorities. Have a little patience, we will inform you as soon as we can present an update to the route. Be assuredthat, with the usual care, we develop a course that lives up to the standard of the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS


Cycling is for you above all a matter of stamina? You do not get enough of your passion and want the full CYCLASSICS experience? Then the brand new CYCLASSICS 160 is your course. The CYCLASSICS 160 combines the "Hundreds" and the CYCLASSICS 60 in an incomparable racing character and offers the ultimate challenge to all fitness enthusiasts. For the ultimate race feeling in the CYCLASSICS 160, the high safety standards along with the attractive route ensure 20 years of experience. You will not find better conditions for a personal best. strengths.
The EuroEyes CYCLASSICS are basically open to all hobby, leisure and amateur cyclists up to a maximum of C-license or a license corresponding to this classification for foreign participants. Participation of youngsters in the 60-km-race younger than vintage 2003 is not permitted. Participation of youngsters in the 100-km-race younger than vintage 2001 is not permitted. Participation in the 160 km race is only permitted if the participant on the race day 18. Year of life has been completed.
For each race an average speed applies (including the meal break). This average speed is the minimum speed for the entire race and is controlled at various points. distance Ø speed max. Travel time (expected) CYCLASSICS 60 24 km / h 2 h 25 min. CYCLASSICS 100 26 km / h 4 h 00 min. CYCLASSICS 160 29km / h 5 h 30 min. Who does not keep the average speed, will be taken out of the race. In this case, the participant can either get into the broom wagon or hand over his start number in the broom wagon and continue as a normal road user on public roads.
Each participant is assigned an individual starting block. The allocation to a starting block is based on your result from the previous year. The drivers start with the highest average speeds in the front starting blocks. If you have not been in 2017, your results will be used by 2015 as the basis for starting block classification. The condition is that the participant within the registration phase 1 until the 15. July 2018 has registered. For the first time or participation in the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS before the year 2015, you will be assigned one of the back starting blocks. If the participant has registered during the registration phase 2 (from 16 July 2018), he will also be assigned one of the back starting blocks. At accreditation you will receive your start number, where you will find the letter of your starting block. MINORS PARTICIPANTS must in accordance with §108 Abs. 1 BGB by the legal representative give consent to the accreditation to receive your documents. This consent must be provided by the legal representative personally on site. The legal representative must be able to legitimize himself with a valid ID. This start block assignment can not be undone. You absolutely have to start the race from this starting block, otherwise you will be disqualified. The exact starting block locations are handed out with the participant information leaflets in the accreditation area and are clearly marked on the day of the race.
You will find out about your personal starting times at the on-site accreditation when collecting your starting documents. MINORS PARTICIPANTS must in accordance with §108 Abs. 1 BGB by the legal representative give consent to the accreditation to receive your documents. This consent must be provided by the legal representative personally on site. The legal representative must be able to legitimize himself with a valid ID.
Each participant is recorded with his result in a total ranking for men or women. The first 100 finishers registered in the finish occupy the first 100 places in the men's individual standings of the respective distance. From place 101 the driven net time decides on the placement. The first 10 finishers occupy the first 10 places in the women's individual classification of the respective distance. From place 11 the driven net time decides on the placement. Timing takes place in real time via a time measuring transponder. This will be issued at the accreditation. The time is measured at the start and finish line as well as at control points on the track by radio signal. Age-rating Each participant is also scored in his age group. The classification is based on year of birth and gender. Admission restrictions apply with regard to age and distance. See admission restrictions. Youth Male / Youth female 2003 - 2002 (60 km only) Juniors 2001 - 2000 Men / Women 1999 - 1989 Seniors I / Senior I 1988 - 1979 Seniors II 1978 - 1969 Seniors III / Senior III 1968 - 1959 Seniors IV / Senior IV 1958 - 1949 Seniors V 1948 - 1939 Seniors VI / Senior VI 1938 and older In addition, there is the possibility to select individual, additional ratings when registering.
If you do not want to start on your own, you have to select the category "additional rating / joint start" in the online registration. This also gives you the opportunity to participate in further ratings. JOINT START (no additional rating) In order to start with a partner from the same starting block without additional evaluation, both partners have to indicate the same "keyword" in identical notation in the provided field when registering. The starting block allocation then depends on the slower driver. If both or one of the partners have never participated in the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS, they will be assigned one of the back starting blocks. TEAM REGISTRATION (for men's teams and mixed teams | If you would like to start as a team, all team members must select "team ranking" and enter the identical team name in the corresponding field in the registration. Important is the IDENTICAL spelling of the team name, A team consists of at leastfour, maximum of eight drivers, Teams with fewer or more riders will not be scored! All drivers appear in the individual classification, the best four drivers come in the team ranking. Each team starts together from a starting block. The starting block allocation depends on the slowest driver of the previous years or on the driver taking part in the event for the first time. Team riders who do not want to be divided into a starting block with their team, but individually according to their previous year's performance, must tick the appropriate box on the registration form. OtherwiseMUSTfrom the assigned common team start block the race will be recorded! WOMEN'S TEAM REGISTRATION (For women only | If you want to start as a women's team, all team members must select "women's team ranking" and indicate the identical women's team name in the corresponding field in the registration form. Important is theIDENTICAL spelling of the women's team name, A women's team consists ofat least three, maximum six female riders, Women's teams with fewer or more riders will not be scored! All riders appear in the individual classification, the best three riders come in the women's team standings. Each women's team starts together from a starting block. The starting block allocation depends on the slowest driver of the previous years or on the driver who participates for the first time in the event. Women's team riders who do not want to be divided into a starting block with their team, but individually according to their previous year's performance, must tick the appropriate box on the registration form. OtherwiseMUSTfrom the assigned joint women's team start block the race will be recorded! For women there is also the option to start from a common starting block on the respective route. The start takes place from a middle starting block. We would like to offer interested parties - including beginners - the opportunity to race together. ATTENTION: Riders aiming for a front placement should be assigned to the starting blocks in line with their previous year performance. FIRMENTEAM REGISTRATION (For Companies | The evaluation takes place according to the criteria of the team evaluation, with the following deviations: A company team consists ofAt least 10 drivers, a maximum limit does not exist, All drivers appear in the individual rating. The best 10 riders per team come into the company ranking. The field "Company Team" must be ticked with each team member. To be recognized as a corporate team, all team members must be contracted to the same employer. Attention: Company teams appear exclusively in the company ranking, not in the team ranking! Betriebssportteam registration (Betriebsssportwertung) ACTUNG: Only for official company sports groups that belong to a company sports association.This score can be ticked in addition to a company rating. If you would like to start as a company sports team, all team members must select "Company Sport Rating" and enter the same name in the corresponding field in the "Company Sport Community" application. Important is theIDENTICAL spelling of the company sport community.Hamburger company athletes must also provide their 5-digit BSG number. An operational sports team consists ofat least four, maximum eight riders.Teams with fewer or more riders will not be scored! If your company sports group wants to send more than 8 riders to the start for each distance, add a numbering (1, 2, 3 etc.) to the name of your company sports group. All drivers appear in the individual classification, the best four drivers come in the company sport rating. We reserve the right to verify the eligibility for the company sport rating together with the association. Tandem registration (only for tandems | tandem evaluation) It is also possible to start with a tandem. If you would like to start as a tandem, you have to register yourself personally in the designated field within the online registration and indicate the name of the tandem partner when registering.
Cancellation policy: In case of withdrawal within14 daysafter registration for the event, the starting fee will be refunded. If the cancellation occurs later, the refund of the entry fee is excluded. A refund of the Active fee is excluded in any case. The resignation must be sent by e-mail to:
So far we have no offer of an event-specific start-up cancellation insurance. We therefore recommend that you complete one private Start-up cancellation insurance with a provider of your choice.
Distance change: A subsequent change in distance is possible as long as there are still seats available.The distance change must be no later than the 15. July 2018 will be done.In the case of a larger distance, the participant has to pay the corresponding difference in the entry fee; in case of a smaller distance, the corresponding difference of the entry fee will not be reimbursed by the organizer. In the event of a subsequent change in distance, a fee of11,00 € plus 8% Active fee (on the resulting total amount)due. Please log in to your Active account for a distance After logging in, select the category "My Events" and the event EuroEyes CYCLASSICS. Then you have the opportunity to change your starting position to a different distance. In addition, you can view your registration details and transfer your starting position to another person (see "Participant Change" below). Change of Participants: You will be given the opportunity to transfer your starting position to another participant. A transfer of the starting place isexclusively onlineand only until15. July 2018possible.The transfer fee is 16,00 €. The transfer takes place via your ACTIVE user account. To carry out the transfer you must name a substitute participant, for which you only need the e-mail address of the substitute participant. The substitute must have theoriginally booked distancetake. The new participant will receive an e-mail with a registration link, which he can use to register for your starting place. As soon as the new participant has registered via this link, you will be charged the starting fee minus theTransfer fee of 16,00 €refunded. All additional services booked by you will also be canceled after the transfer and the corresponding fee will be refunded to the account specified at the time of registration. The 8% ACTIVE fee is non-refundable. If the new participant wishes additional services, he can freely choose them when registering. A proper change of registration is absolutely necessary for a replacement of a starting place! It willexpresslypointed out that the passing on or acceptance of a launch site without proper re-registrationsignificant sanctionscan draw!
Detailed information about the road closures will be available at the latesttwo weekspreviously published on the homepage.
The roads are closed to all other road users who do not participate in the race or are designated as official employees. Diversions are available. Crossing points are also set up along the route, making it possible to cross the routes. Please pay attention to the instructions of the track folder, if you want to cross a stretch of road.
We recommend parking the car off the racetrack. Please observe the route barrier and try to park strategically and according to individual needs. A crossing of the route on foot is easily possible with short waiting times. We havespecial hotel contingentsthat you can use as a participant of the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS.
Public transport will mostly maintain normal operation. Inevitably, however, some services have to be restricted or suspended when certain sections of the route are affected. Further information will be provided by the respective provider
The distances of the individual distances are planned in such a way that restrictions on the public are kept as small as possible. Nevertheless, some people, for example because of their living situation, have to look for alternative parking facilities. Cars that are on unauthorized parking lots due to the event will be towed for a fee without delay.
If interested, please write to our athlete service, in which area you would like to