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It is in the nature of man to face new challenges. Be part of the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS Rookie Program and be trained by the experts of the Cycling Association Hamburg to become a racing cyclist within 12 weeks.

Here you will be professionally prepared for the race as a beginner of coaches for twelve weeks. So if you have always wanted to participate in Europe's biggest bike race and at the same time to have the best possible preparation, you will find all the information here.

The rookie program is the ideal introduction in the cycling, and not only lays the physical foundation for a successful participation, but also conveys the basic rules of road cycling and cycling.

With an optional health check for a special price Each participant can determine their fitness level - and set a realistic goal for the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS. Furthermore, the rookie program consciously relies on many units of core training and endurance.

The core training is not just a top workout for the "six-pack", but also stabilizes the body out of the trunk. At the same time agility and speed increase are trained. With the stability and athletic exercises as an element for legs, chest and arms, the body is strengthened in the following weeks of the rookie program.

In addition to different exit variants, From stamina to sprint, the rookie program focuses on teambuilding and other joint ventures.

The EuroEyes CYCLASSICS rookie program is ideally compatible with the profession

On Wednesdays, we take care of all professionals and start at no earlier than 19 clock. If there is objection from the group, even later. It's light for a long time in summer - and for more than two hours, Wednesday's sessions will not last.

On Fridays, we start a little earlier - it starts at the latest at 18 clock. The Sunday units start earlier this morning - so you have a rest Sunday.

With the experts of the Cycling Association Hamburg you will find the perfect coaches with many years of cycling experience, who know the streets of Hamburg like no other. Our chief coach is Alexander Jermolow. Alex not only has the coaching certificate, but is also a trained paramedic and physiotherapist.

Do you have questions about the program? In our FAQ you will be answered all the important questions: when the training will take place, if the program is compatible with the profession, who is the coach, andundund.

The facts

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Start: 1. June 2018
  • Training content: technique, strength endurance, team building, rules, health, nutrition
  • 3 Trainings per week - Wednesday from 19 clock, Friday from 18 clock and Sunday morning.
  • Individual coaching
  • Includes EuroEyes CYCLASSICS launch pad and other highlights
  • Own rookie starting block
  • Accompaniment in the race
  • Limited to 100 seats
  • Login opened by 02. - 30. May 2018
  • 249 Euro (with starting place for the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS)
  • 199 Euro (if starting place already exists)
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