Cycle The Classic
on 60, 100 and 160 KM.

The diverse courses of EuroEyes CYCLASSICS cater to everyone. First-timers get to enjoy the perfect cycling experience while ambitious cyclists relish in the unparalleled speed the course’s profile provides. The 160km course appeals to riders who thrive when it comes to endurance and look to take on the ultimate EuroEyes CYCLASSICS challenge.

The courses are 60, 120 or 160km long and are among the most beautiful cycling courses you're going to find on this planet. Thanks to completely closed roads, neither cars nor traffic lights will get between you and the finish line as you race past world-famous sites. You won't find better conditions for a personal best and an unforgettable weekend full of cycling.

*Subject to change


The Cyclassics 60 lead you to the west of Hamburg. They start between Hamburg's famous lakes, the inner and the outer Alster and then take you beyond the city's borders and into the federal country Schleswig-Holstein. On the way back the Kösterberg hill awaits you. Make sure you fully enjoy the route from here on as countless highlights await on your way to the finish line. You'll ride past the Reeperbahn, Hamburg's famous night-life-street.


Are you an ambitious cyclist who wants to show what you're made of, or beat your last year's (or best friend's) time? Then take on the CYCLASSICS 100. The course leads you to outer Hamburg and into Schleswig-Holstein's Stormarn. After riding through Hamburg's vicinity the course takes you back to the very heart of Hamburg and the finish straight on the 'Mönckebergstraße'.


Can't get enough of your passion for cycling and want the ultimate EuroEyes CYCLASSICS experience? The CYCLASSICS 160 is made for you. The course combines the known features of the event with a new incomparable race character and offers all endurance enthusiasts the ultimate challenge.