Experience pure cycling on 60, 100 and 160 KM.

The diverse courses of EuroEyes CYCLASSICS cater to everyone. First-timers get to enjoy the unique feeling of riding on closed roads while ambitious cyclists can relish in the unparalleled speed the course’s profile provides. The all-new tracks will make for a new experience without losing the unique character of the race.

The three routes belong to the most beautiful city courses in the world - neither cars nor traffic lights disturb your riding flow as some of the most important sights of the city fly by on your side. Perfect conditions for a personal best and an unforgettable cycling weekend awaits.

*Subject to change


Are you a hobby driver or are you facing the challenge of the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS for the first time? Then the CYCLASSICS 60 is the ideal track for you. The western loop of the CYCLASSICS is largely flat - but also includes the iconic climb to the Kösterberg in Blankenese. Almost 2 km increase and a maximum slope of 7% are waiting for you here. Once at the top, it goes over the Elbchaussee past Teufelsbrück in the direction of the city center. From the "sinful mile", the Reeperbahn, it is then only a few kilometers to the famous home straight with thousands of spectators - the Mönckebergstraße.


You train regularly and it may also be a bit longer? Of the newly-designed 100km course leads you from the starting blocks At the Alster in the green northeast of Hamburg. From here, all drivers of the 100km route - for the first time since 2004 - travel to neighboring Schleswig-Holstein and its district of Stormarn. After the northernmost point in Ahrensburg follow fast, flat roads on Lake Lütjensee and around the Hahnheide, which is particularly scenic. Equally attractive is the route through the profiled Sachsenwald forest and Friedrichsruh, which was shaped by the Bismarck family. The end in Schleswig-Holstein forms Reinbek, before it goes to Hamburg's busy southeast on the B5 on a direct route to the city center and past Alster and town hall to the finish.


Cycling is for you above all a matter of stamina? You do not get enough of your passion and want the full CYCLASSICS experience? Then the brand new CYCLASSICS 160 is your course. The CYCLASSICS 160 combines the "Hundreds" and the CYCLASSICS 60 in an incomparable racing character and offers the ultimate challenge to all fitness enthusiasts.

Our team has more than 160 years of experience in combining maximum safety on the course with attractive routes - you will not find better conditions for a personal best.