Around 18.000 participants from different countries will participate in the 19. August 2018 at the 23. Edition of the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS be logged. The planning stages for the tracks are in a final stage and we are now pleased to officially introduce the newly designed 100km track. This year's 100km course leads all participants from the starting blocks At the Alster in the green northeast of Hamburg. From here it goes for all drivers of the longer distances - for the first time since 2004 on the 100km distance again - into the neighboring Schleswig-Holstein and its circle Stormarn. After the northernmost point in Ahrensburg follow fast, flat roads past Lütjensee and around the Hahnheide, which is particularly scenic. Equally attractive is the route through the profiled Sachsenwald forest and Friedrichsruh, which was shaped by the Bismarck family. The end in Schleswig-Holstein forms Reinbek, before it goes through Hamburg's busy southeast on the B5 on a direct route to the city center and past Alster and town hall to the finish. For all registered starters of the 160km track, the new route will be as well followed by the well-known 60km circuit. To the routes> There are still starting places available for all routes. However, the final price jump is on the 15. July at 23: 59 clock on. Participants starting from the 16. If you still want to register online in July, you are no longer entitled to a performance-oriented start to the block. Also, additional services such as the medal engraving can then no longer be booked. The starting signal for all participants will be given on the 19. August 2018 at 07: 30 (60km track) and 08: 20 clock (100km and 160km track).