Euro Eyes boss Dr. med. Jørn S. Jørgensen is a passionate racing cyclist as well as his love for the job. What significance the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS have for Hamburg and what the city can look forward to from its homeland of Denmark, you will learn in an interview.
  1. When did you discover your love of cycling?
As a Dane, I've been riding my bike since I was a kid, that's how we grew up. In my youth, I used to ride a bike as a competitive sport, later as a team sport. As you can tell, the passion for cycling has always been there. So it makes sense to get involved in Europe's largest cycling festival as a title sponsor.
  1. In view of your everyday life as CEO of EuroEyes and practicing physician: What does cycling mean for you?
Cycling is the ideal balance for my time-consuming job. I try to do sports two to three times a week and thus find a balance to my everyday life. My exits then usually go to the west of Hamburg: Itzehoe, cracks, Pinneberg etc. Hamburg offers with its environment good conditions to ride a bicycle.
  1. In which bike race would you like to ride?
I have participated in many cycling races. I would really be tempted by the prestigious Prudential Ride in London.
  1. What significance do the EuroEyes CYCLASSICS have for Hamburg?
The EuroEyes CYCLASSICS have a very special stand in Hamburg. For a weekend in the center, the streets are closed, the city is in a state of emergency, the mood is fantastic. Every year I am happy to support the title sponsor CYCLASSICS and to participate in the Jedermann race with the EuroEyes team.
  1. You will be back at EuroEyes CYCASSICS this year - which track (60, 100, 160 KM) did you choose? And what is the goal?
I will ride the Cyclassics 100. I'm especially looking forward to that because the track has been redesigned to provide unknown sections in the surrounding area of ​​Hamburg. I would like to complete the track in 2: 40 hours.  
  1. Denmark is regarded as a flagship country when it comes to cycling: What can Germany look for from its neighbor?
In Denmark, cycling is a matter of course. Whether in the morning on the way to work or a weekend trip - the car is left standing. Many bike paths are significantly better than in Germany and thus offer a much greater comfort for cyclists. There are showers in the offices. The inhibitions of cycling are taken from you, a routine arises. Here Hamburg can still look a lot.