Always There, Always Racing

The Cyclub currently comprises more than 6,500 people who have successfully participated in the BEMER Cyclassics 10 times or more. An achievement that does not go unnoticed - thank you very much for your enduring loyalty! As a member of the Cyclub you enjoy numerous benefits, which you can read about below.

How You Become a Member

You have participated in the BEMER Cyclassics at least 10 times? Then you are automatically a member of the Cyclub. The membership is of course not associated with any costs or obligations! You book your entry as usual.

These are Your Benefits as a Member

  • Exclusive bib issue on Priority Line

  • Special starter bag with Cyclub logo

  • Exciting cyclub gift

  • Designated bib for Cyclubbers, that register prior to the 18th July

  • Priority registration before all other participants

  • Sponsors goodies if available

Your Journey Continues

Your journey does not end when you join the Cyclub. The Cyclub consists of different categories that symbolize your personal performance and the number of successful participations. Do you have the endurance and determination to keep moving up? Check out the Cyclub categories below.