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BEMER Cyclassics Corporate is the exciting competition for all companies, agencies and organizations interested in promoting the health and motivation of their employees. The BEMER Cyclassics encourages the team spirit and lets the participants achieve their goals in a sporty and relaxed atmosphere: only as a team you are successful at BEMER Cyclassics Corporate - and only as a team the performance is rewarded. BEMER Cyclassics Corporate is the key in the community of every workforce.

A team that sweats together sticks together

Team up with colleagues and take part in the BEMER Cyclassics in Hamburg together: Experience the charms and health benefits of cycling. Discover our spectacular routes, which we have designed for you and your team and make you feel like the world's best professionals.


Company success in the making - participate now

Sign up for BEMER Cyclassics Corporate and participate with your team of 10 or more riders - as part of BEMER Cyclassics Corporate your team will enjoy a reduced entry fee of € 79.00 per participant plus 9% ACTIVE fee. The entry fee is independent of distance. If your company joins with more than 50 riders, you will benefit from an additional registration discount (5% for 50-99 slots, 7.5% for 100-149 slots, 10% for 150 or more slots).  reduzierte Anmeldegebühr von 79,00 € pro Teilnehmer zzgl. 9% Bearbeitungs-Gebühr (ACTIVE-Gebühr). Die Anmeldegebühr ist distanzunabhängig. Bringt Ihr Unternehmen mehr als 50 Fahrer an den Start, kommen Sie in den Genuss von einem weiteren Anmeldediscount (5% bei 50-99 Plätzen, 7,5% bei 100-149 Plätzen, 10% bei 150 oder mehr Plätzen).

More benefits:

  • Free exchange of participants
  • Free distance change
  • Collective pick-up of the starting documents
  • Personal contact

After your registration we will send a collective invoice to your company, agency or organisation. After receipt of your payment we will provide individual links for the participants of your team to register, enter personal data and set their own preferences for BEMER Cyclassics.

The booking of a contingent for BEMER Cyclassics is possible until July 17, 2022. Please note the conditions of participation.

Registration form

Terms of participation

Your personal BEMER Cyclassics Corporate contact

Participating has never been easier! Your company will have its own BEMER Cyclassics contact person who will be with you throughout the registration and preparation process. If you have any questions or need help, your personal contact for BEMER Cyclassics Hamburg is always at your service.

Coordinator Athlete Services Germany E-Mail: [email protected]
T: +49 (0)69 – 300 6432 46 

Team building at the highest level

Reward you and your team and set new impulses for everyone. Appreciate the commitment of your colleagues and invite them to a memorable experience - including team building and a relaxed competition atmosphere in the typical style of BEMER Cyclassics.