Cycle The Classic
on 60, 100 and 160 KM.

The EuroEyes Cyclassics have a diverse portfolio of routes which offer the perfect cycling experience for every participant. Whether first-time participant or advanced cyclist, the courses in Hamburg come with the perfect mix of optimal safety conditions, attractive route profiles and a unique race character.

The courses are 60, 100 or 160km long and are among the most beautiful cycling courses you're going to find on this planet. Thanks to completely closed roads, neither cars nor traffic lights will get between you and the finish line as you race past world-famous sites. You won't find better conditions for a personal best and an unforgettable weekend full of cycling. More detailled information on the courses including interactive maps will follow soon on this page and all of our other channels.

Cyclassics 60

You are a part-time rider or you are facing the EuroEyes Cyclassics for the first time? The Cyclassics 60 is the ideal track for you. The western loop of the Cyclassics is largely flat and perfect for newcomers.

Cyclassics 100

You train regularly and look for course that challenges you? The Cyclassics 100 is the perfect track for all ambitious cyclists who want to put their performance to the test.

Cyclassics 160

You do not get enough of your passion and want the full Cyclassics experience? Then the Cylassics 160 is your course. It combines the "Hundreds" and the Cyclassics 60 in an incomparable racing character and offers the ultimate challenge to all fitness and endurance enthusiasts.

In addition to the attractive route, the high safety standards from 25 years of experience ensure the perfect race feeling on all three distances. You will not find better conditions to beat your personal best.